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Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise: Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Need To Consider using Magento Enterprise

Having a unique design can make customers choose you over your competitors. Magento Enterprise is a great platform that will ensure you increase sales quickly. As an open source platform, it will give you the opportunity to add advanced features that will drive the growth of your business. Marketing tools are some of the features you will add to help you sell your products quickly. In addition, you can add features that will enhance the customer experience. If you would like to learn more about these two platforms and which one is right for you, we invite you to review the following link: www.shopify.com/plus/magento

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You will have the freedom of choosing a hosting service

Having reliable hosting services can reduce losses in your business. With these services, hackers will not get an opportunity to destroy your site. Unlike for the Shopify plus that will host your site on a server, the Magento enterprise will offer you with a freedom to select a reliable hosting service. With this, you can choose one that will provide a high level of security and one that will speed up your site.

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Magento Enterprise is easy to integrate Third-Party Apps

Third party integration can ease the management of your business. Magento enterprise is an excellent platform that can quickly integrate and enhance the functionality of your site. Although it is a coding platform, it may become a challenging task to code all new features into your website. The Magento’s extension API will allow you to integrate easily.

With Magento enterprise, you can run multiple websites with a universal backend system

Running numerous websites is a unique feature in Magento enterprise. Most of the enterprise e-commerce platforms especially the Shopify plus ignores this feature. However, running different sites with different domain names can increase your sales. In this essence, you need to consider using the Magento enterprise. This platform will allow you to control the websites through a single unified admin panel.

With Magento enterprise, you will easily sell to international customers

The Enterprise e-commerce business does not only involve selling to the locals but to both global and locals. Hence, you need to look for ways to interact with the customers and increase sales. Magento Enterprise is a platform that will care for almost all your business needs. It supports multiple languages. With this, you will communicate effectively with your customers. As you are aware, communication is a crucial feature to the success of e-commerce business. Hence, the multilingual feature should be essential in your site.

Also, this platform supports multiple currencies and tax rates. With this, international customers can easily make payments.

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