3 Features to Guide You in Deciding Whether Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

enterprise solutionsYou are a newbie.

You want to join your peers in the online selling arena. As a successful brick and mortar enterprise owner, you do not want to make mistakes that will cost you your business. After consulting with friends and experts, you have an idea on the way forward. Having an enterprise e-commerce platform is one of the necessities in your journey. From the consultation, you understand that Shopify plus and Magento enterprise are the best enterprise solutions.

However, here is the crisis: you do not know which the right option is. Both your peers and experts have differing opinions. Also, your online search is not helping you to make the best choice. If you are in this situation, this article is for you. Here are 3 prime features to guide you in considering the right option for you:

Security needs

Security is not a vocabulary. As an entrepreneur/investor, you understand the importance of enhancing your business security. For a brick and mortar version, having the top-quality locks and padlocks as well as using strong passwords in your business system ensures your business is secure. When it comes to virtual arena, your e-commerce platform determines your data security. With the rising cases of cyber-based frauds, selecting a secure solution is not a choice among many. Shopify is a better option where security is a priority. Even though you can still enhance your site security on Magento enterprise, you have to get deep in your pockets.


Cost of the platform

As a webpreneur, you understand the business maxim – operating your business at the least cost. Being cost-efficient is the secret of winning more sales online. You must reduce your operational expenses to remain competitive.

In the e-commerce arena, the cost of obtaining a platform matters. Especially when running an enterprise e-commerce business, you need a platform that will save you on costs. When considering the set up cost Shopify plus takes the day. Upon paying the monthly fees, you can be at peace. You will not incur any other setup charges. For Magento enterprise, you must be a coding expert or you can hire one. Hence, if cost is your burden, opting for Shopify plus can be a good idea.

Final thoughts

In a word, you must pay attention to your site security and cost. Having a secure enterprise platform can be the power gear to realizing your dream. Hence, consider the two features when deciding to go for Magento enterprise or Shopify plus.